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Not drinking enough water causes urine to have a strong. the kidneys can give urine an odor.These proteins lead to production of urea, and this gets concentrated in the urine.But making a decision based solely on the smell of the urine and age of the cat is. chose to keep their cat alive until the very last. is still going strong.

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Naturally cats do not consume as much water as other animals do.

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Causes of a Strong Urine Smell. A very strong ammonia smell may indicate a severe infection,.Consider this your ultimate guide to eliminating cat urine smells from your home.Yes, cats do smell terrible. including humans, their urine and feces are very smelly.WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common symptom combinations and medical conditions related to Cloudy urine with strong odor.Thus, when your cat urinates, the urine tends to smell strongly of ammonia.

Dehydration - When you fail to take in sufficient amounts of water, chemicals in urine tend to be very concentrated causing a strong smell of ammonia.It works like other enzyme cleaners to break down the harmful bacteria that causes strong smells,. is a must-have sidekick in your fight against cat urine odors.

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I swear I can smell cat urine. I found very smelly pet stains after removing carpet and two.

A strong smell of ammonia in urine is usually caused. in your urine which become very.

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Well look no further because this article will show you how you can get rid of that strong Cat urine smell that. a very stress free and also a clean smelling.

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Removing foul odor caused by a cat urine is a very difficult.

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My urine smells very strong, like plastic, or burning rubber.As a result, their urine is much more concentrated which gives it a very strong smell.