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Currently it only includes the subject as the command in cron.How do I change the email settings under crontab file on a Linux or.

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Each time this job runs, the user matty will get emailed with the results of the script.

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Always include a short subject field in your mail message Always include a salutation to the person to whom.The simplest way to create a crontab file is to use the crontab -e command.

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Automating common tasks with cron. variable to the top of the crontab file: MAILTO.

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You can also redirect email to the user named in the MAILTO environment variable in the crontab, if any exists. EXAMPLES.

How do I verify whether the backup cron script job ran success. Crontab Log: How to Log the. and use MAILTO cron config to send it to my email.Linux Shell Script To Monitor Space Usage and Send Email. and after MAILX will send email with SUBJECT to MAILTO. fi.An experienced Linux sysadmin knows the importance of running the routine maintenance jobs in the background automatically.