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He was an African-American whose knowledge of astronomy helped him author series of almanacs that became commercially successful.

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Benjamin Banneker was a son of a former slave who had wrote a letter to ex.

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Benjamin Banneker, as a surveyor to lay out the city of Washington, D. C., and his patronage of black poet Phillis Wheatley.

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A renowned astronomer, author, mathematician and inventor, Benjamin Banneker has many honorable distinctions under his belt.

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Benjamin Banneker was an almanac author, mathematician, astronomer, farmer, and surveyor.

Benjamin Banneker was born on November 9, 1731, in Baltimore County, Maryland to Mary Banneky, a free black, and Robert, a freed slave from Guinea.

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Benjamin Banneker He was an astronomer, inventor, mathematician, and son of freed slave.Benjamin Banneker creates on of the first clocks in the...A son of former slaves, Benjamin Banneker wrote a critical letter to Thomas Jefferson addressing the problems concerning slavery.

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Benjamin Banneker (1731-1806), first black man to devise an almanac and predict a solar eclipse accurately, was also appointed to the commission that surveyed and.

In 1791 Benjamin Banneker, the son of former slaves, astronomer, and almanac author, wrote a letter to Thomas Jefferson, in a courteous but forceful manner, challenging the framer of the Declaration of Independence and secretary of state on the topics of race and freedom.

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Benjamin Banneker - A Mathematical Problem in Verse - Benjamin Banneker was an amazing African American slave because he became many things that most slaves did not.

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In this letter to Thomas Jefferson in 1791, Benjamin Banneker, a son of former slaves and a farmer, astronomer, mathematician, surveyor, and author, uses rhetorical strategies such as diction, attitude, and textual citation to add to his credibility in his argument against slavery during that time period.

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