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Unit comes with two I.D. Disc and is the only Raccoon proof unit rated by Cat.

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Birds housed in wire or plastic cages should be kept within the confines of raccoon-proof buildings.

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Solutions to keep wildlife from using cat flaps/doggy doors?

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You can try to make your garbage cans raccoon proof by strapping. no cheese, string uncut, trap door.

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Keep your chickens safe from predators like weasels, raccoons, and even neighborhood dogs, in a predator-proof chicken coop.

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We had a raccoon come in the house through the pet door last week at 4 in the morning.Keep Raccoons from Using Pet Doors. caught this masked bandit in the act of coming though the cat door. H. If a raccoon enters a house through a pet door,.

Havahart one door live rabbit and squirrel traps designed and used by professional.

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All Day Sales searches thousands of stores such as amazon and ebay to find you the best prices for cat door proof raccoon in an instant.

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And you can be GUARANTEED that your dog or cat WILL do their best to break your door. which is the same bullet-proof.The super selective Elite pet door can program up to 8 cats.